Why now? There are some real advantages to visiting when school is out. You can explore campus without the crowds, so it’s easier to see the classrooms and residence halls. And beyond being able to see more, you have more time to get answers to your questions – even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Classes start on August 18. Schedule your campus tour now.

Find the school that’s right for you.
Here’s a simple checklist for a successful search:

Create your short list

By the start of your senior year, you’ll want a list of no more than 5-6 schools that you’d really like to attend. Keep your family and your school counselor posted on your progress.

Reach out to your favorite schools

Make sure your top schools know you’re interested in them, so you’ll get invitations to admissions events. To receive information from UNCG, sign up for SpartanLink at

Schedule (more) campus visits

Your on-campus experiences will tell you much of what you need to know to make your decision. If possible, “go beyond the tour” by sitting in on a class, talking with faculty and students, and eating in the dining hall. Jot down notes after each visit so you don’t forget what the school was like. Then, update your short list.

When you visit, be sure to talk with an admissions counselor

Even if you don’t have many specific questions, the school’s admissions counselor can let you know what you should be asking about, and can fill you in on the basics of the application process. If you do have some questions, this is the person who can answer them.

Save your important dates

Each of your favorite schools will have different deadlines for admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and their specific programs. Mark them on a calendar. This is so much easier when you’re working with a short list. UNCG’s important dates

Follow your favorite schools on social media

You can learn a lot about a school from its Twitter feed, Facebook and Instagram pages, YouTube channel, and other social sites. It’s a simple way to enhance the knowledge you gain from your campus visit.

Attend admissions events

Once the academic year gets started, just about every school holds on-campus events for prospective students. Many also take their shows on the road to help you learn more about their programs. UNCG holds its Spartan Showcase on campus in October. Plus, we take our First Look program on a North Carolina tour in the fall, and to Virginia and Maryland in the spring.

Visit your high school’s career center

Start thinking about the career you want. Check your short list to see which schools match up with your goals, and remove the ones that don’t offer what you want.

Take (or re-take) the SAT / ACT

If you haven’t already taken the SAT or ACT (or both), go ahead and set the date. If you have taken one or the other and think you can earn a better score, schedule a re-test. Ask to have your scores sent to at least three schools. If you’d like UNCG to be one of those schools, our codes are 5913 for the SAT and 3166 for the ACT.

Thinking about the essay for your college application?

Follow these tips to make it great:

Be honest and speak from the heart.

Be sure to answer the question but don’t bother trying to create the answers you think the college wants to hear. Admissions officers can tell when you’re just trying to impress them.

Write about something that matters to you.

It’s much harder to write a good essay when you don’t care about your topic.

Rewrite, edit, and rewrite again.

You’re trying to be interesting, engaging, and to stand out from the crowd. Even the best writers can’t do all that on the first draft.

Have someone else read it and give you feedback.

It’s the only way you can know if you’re connecting with your reader.

Proofread, proofread, proofread

You don’t want typos or other mistakes to undermine your message.



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What do you hope to do with your college weekends?

What type of cultural experiences are you looking for in college?

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